Hotel Kocour, Žerotínovo nám. 19/17, 674 01 Třebíč, Czech Rep.

Booking and cancellation policy in the Hotel Kocour

Dear guests! We like to inform you that by completing and submitting request for accommodation via this booking guide you agree to our reservation policy.

After completing your reservation we will contact you via e-mail or phone about current accommodation options.

According to our reservation policy, a pre-payment invoice (50% of the value of accommodation) will be sent to you. Your pre-payment ensures that the reservation have been made according to hotel’s capacity. If you choose not to proceed with pre-payment, we can’t ensure your reservation will be available on you chosen date(s).

A surcharge for the total value of the accommodation and extra services is paid at the hotel either by credit card or cash payment.

Cancellation Policy after payment:

14 – 4 days before the arrival ⇒ cancellation fee is 50% of pre-payment
3 days before the arrival ⇒ cancellation fee is 100% of value of accommodation


Thank you for following our terms and conditions.

Hotel Kocour

Our bank account:
Bank: Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank AG, pobočka Třebíč
Account No.: 9500017651/7940
IBAN: CZ34 7940 0000 0095 0001 7651
Currency: CZK