There is a paid parking lot operated by the city of Třebíč in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Kocour. Unfortunately, due to the character of the historic building, it is not possible to park on the hotel grounds. Clients who arrive at the hotel or restaurant can stop in front of the hotel to unload people or luggage and then park in the adjacent paid parking lot or nearby. You can park in front of the hotel after purchasing a parking ticket in the parking machine for 400,-/ 24 hours after purchasing the parking ticket In your own interest, please ensure proper parking, which is controlled by the city police. Parking in Třebíč: Třebíč ( At the same time, we apologize to these guests that we cannot provide them with their own parking. We will try to help you – if you are not sure how to park, call or write an e-mail. We will be happy to answer you.

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