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The Jewish Quarter

Two synagogues, an ancient cemetery and the fragile beauty of the narrow lanes with their unique atmosphere. The Jewish Quarter here is one of the best preserved and the largest in Europe. Thanks to its cultural and historical importance, the collection of houses in the former ghetto, together with the Jewish Cemetery and Basilica of St. Procopius, have been included in the UNESCO world and natural heritage list, the first independent Jewish monument to be honoured in this manner outside of the state of Israel.


The Seligmann Bauer´s House neighbouring the New Synagogue has an interesting history, because of its building development and its complicated ownership relations. This house belongs to the younger ones in the ghetto, even though its origin dates back to the turn of the 17th and 18th century. You can have a look at the exposition of a typical Jewish household.


The Front Synagogue was built on the western edge of the later ghetto near the oldest Jewish houses in Podklášteří probably in 1639 – 1642. Its appearance was largely affected by later repairs and reconstructions. For instance, in 1759, the roof damaged by a fire was restored.


In the period documents, it is also denoted as New Synagogue, New School, High Synagogue or Upper Oratory. Although the Rear Synagogue has many Renaissance elements, it was built as late as 1669 or shortly before. The efforts of the Jewish community to enhance the facility failed because the lord decided to refuse the request and ordered to demolish the building.